Civil law

In our everyday lives we sometimes deal with situations when we need a help of reliable lawyer. The adoption of new Civil Code brought some significant changes in civil law. We are happy to become your guardian angel and defenders of your rights when dealing with property transfers, agreement and contracts drafts, divorces, assets transfers, inheritance agreements, debts recoveries or representation in judicial or administrative proceedings.

Property law

  • Property transfers, including guaranteed settlement of the purchase price
  • Pledge rights and property easement
  • Property transfer agreements
  • Deposits of properties as assets into business companies
  • Joint ownership settlements
  • Contracts or owners declaration of construction in accordance with the Act on Flats
  • Ownership
  • Representation in administrative proceedings

Contract law

  • Contract drafts
  • Obligation recovery (deposits, transfers, contractual penalties, promissory notes)
  • Compensation of lost profits

Debt recovery

  • Pre-prosecution warnings
  • Payment orders and prosecutions
  • Insolvency

Family law

  • Divorces
  • Child care proceedings
  • Disputes relating to children - residence and contact
  • Jointly owned property settlements following Marriage/Civil Partnership breakdown (financial settlements within divorce proceedings)
  • Increase or decrease in the amount of jointly owned property
  • Representation at court proceedings in case of right of succession