IT Law

We will provide you with comprehensive legal support in the area of information technology law and IT outsourcing.


We will safely guide you through the world of IT law, from the development of customised software, optimum setting of licencing conditions for software, development and implementation of small and key IT systems that support your business, through setting the optimum contractual terms and conditions for maintenance, support and development of your software, hardware, and information systems, to the resolution of specific problems, such as employment contracts with programmers or safeguarding source code with a third party.

We will also provide you with all legal support when it comes to outsourcing your company’s IT department, in full or in part, to a third party - a provider of IT services - including legal due diligence, and the issue of transferring software, hardware, services, and employees.

The law of information and communication technologies (ICT)

We will deal with proposals for you, comment procedure, and the discussion of all contracts in the field of information and communication technology (software, hardware, services). We will deal with the legal side of developing and implementing ICT systems and technologies, purchase of information units, warranties, and warranty claims.


Outsourcing information technologies

Modern methods of ensuring the the control and correct settings of the technological infrastructure at a company are demanding  We will deal with the following for you:

  • transfer of your IT department, in full or in part, to a third party, a provider of IT services
  • preparation and comments procedure and the negotiation of outsourcing contracts
  • legal support throughout the outsourcing project, legal opinions on the issue of ICT
  • due diligence
  • transfer of software, hardware, services, and employees
  • preparation and comments procedure and negotiation of service level agreements (SLA) for the provision of outsourced services
  • setting control and sanction mechanisms during the outsourcing (evaluating the quality of services, escalation procedures, contractual penalties, compensation for loss or damage)
  • setting the conditions for the termination of services (insourcing, transfer to a third party)

We will help you set the terms and conditions of contracts, control and sanction mechanisms, in the transfer of your IT department to a third party, with service level agreements, and with the transfer of software, hardware, services, or employees.


Licence and implementation contracts in IT

An unambiguous and clear contract is the foundation on which a good relationship is built, and this is no different in the field of technology licences. We will prepare concise and clearly-laid out documents for you, including licences for software and services in the form of remote access (for example, Software as a Service - SaaS).


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