We provide our commercial legal services to wide range of companies, from small one-man businesses to major business corporations. Our clients include securities traders, investment agents, payment institutions, small-scale payments service providers, investment companies and funds, insurance agents, non-bank loans providers, and more.

Commercial law


We cooperate with Schejbal Law Office since 2007. We really appreciate their professionalism, time flexibility and reasonable prices. Schejbal Law Office is dealing with our commercial legal agenda, tenders and debt recoveries. They were especially helpful when we had to provide small-scale payment service registration at Czech National Bank during one of our tenders. We received our registration within 28 days.

Airtoy - Roman Janský, Chairman of the Board

Financial markets law


Our cooperation with Schejbal Law Office started in 2010. We were looking for a company that could provide us with a license for payment institutions, as the 2010 amendment to the Act on Payments came into power. Schejbal Law Office was our first option. Our license from Czech National Bank was ready in 5 months. Our company was one of the very first ones to get their license for payment institution ready after the 2010 amendment came into force. Today we cooperate mainly in the field of exchange trades and compliance.

Fortissimo - Tadeuš Farny, CEO



Our company needed to improve our compliance performance. Upon a recommendation we contacted Schejbal Law Office. Our cooperation began with financial services and insurance mediation compliance audits. Based on compliance audit outcome, we were suggested new internal regulations for our financial services, advised on changes in client agreements, and our contracts with commercial partners were checked. After this experience we did not look anywhere else for compliance services. I strongly recommend Schejbal Law Office.

Consilior - Tomáš Hlavnička, CEO

Ostatní právní služby


When we were undergoing a merge with a rival company, we needed someone to deal with all associated legal issues. We contacted Schejbal Law Office, who provided professional guidance throughout all processes, including internal merge timeline, key data, drafts of legal documents, and registration to commercial register. Merge was finished without any complications in 4 month. We would recommend Schejbal Law Office for any area of legal services.

Spark Rock s.r.o. - Karel Balčirák, CEO