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JUDr. Lumír Schejbal

JUDr. Lumír Schejbal

Lumir graduated in 2000 from the Masaryk University Law School in Brno. After graduation he started his career as a lawyer and compliance officer in ATLANTIK financial services Inc. and CYRRUS Inc. In 2004 he joint Gabriela Dudasova Law Firm as a law clerk. After passing his bar examination in 2007 Lumir started his own law firm. Lumir is a member of the legislation committee of Czech Capital Market Association and a member of Czech Compliance Institute. He specialises in securities law, financial markets law and compliance. Lumir has dealt with securities traders permits, licences for payment institutions or investment companies. He works on projects funded by corporate bonds and represented clients in licence and penalty proceedings before Czech National Bank.

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Mgr. Tomáš Kopečný

Mgr. Tomáš Kopečný

Tomas has two degrees in Law and Economics from the Masaryk University in Brno. Since 2013 he has been registered as a law clerk. Tomas’s main area of focus is commercial and civil law, particularly in corporate and contractual issues. As of 2011 and 2012 he completed an exchange program in Spain at Universitat de Girona. Tomas’s studies were focused mainly on private international law and damage liability in European area. He is fluent in Spanish and has excellent knowledge of English as he passed his A levels in the USA. Tomas continues his education in Finance and Business Economics.

He specializes in debt securities issue, public offerings, property law and international law.

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Mgr. Ondřej Bartošík

Mgr. Ondřej Bartošík

He graduated from the Faculty of Law at Masaryk University in Brno. Throughout practically his entire professional career he has focused on information and communications technology (ICT) law and the related legal fields. He worked for almost 18 years for one of the three largest mobile operators in the Czech Republic as legal counsel, senior legal counsel and, later, as legal team manager specialising in information and communications technology law. He speaks English.

He specialises in IT law, software law, copyright law and other intellectual property rights law, outsourcing and commercial law.

In his practice to date he has provided legal support inter alia in the fields of development and implementation of key technologies and IT systems for a mobile operator, custom software development, IT systems and IT departments outsourcing, IT licencing agreements, and IT systems maintenance, support and development.

He has been working with our law firm since the second half of 2019 as counsel in the above fields.

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Mgr. Johana Neveřilová

Mgr. Johana Nevěřilová

Johana graduated from the Law Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno and since 2017 is a collaborating lawyer. During her previous experience Johana worked in one of the biggest law firms in Czech Republic where she specialised in litigation, later she worked in the area of merge, acquisitions and corporate law. Johana is fluent in English, and has intermediate knowledge of both German and Spanish. 

Her specialties include multilateral real estate transfers, company transformations and mergers, and active compliance.

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Marek Soukal

Mgr. Marek Soukal

Marek graduated from the Law Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno. He has been working in our law firm since October 2017. During his previous experience Marek worked in one of the biggest law firms in Czech Republic where he specialised in litigation. In our office he is focused on private law a financial compliance. He speaks English.

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